Sunday, June 14, 2015

What's up lately?

Hello again!  It's been almost  three weeks since my last blog entry and a  lot has happened since then.   I'll try to recap a bit.

Elaine:   Elaine had a problem a couple of weeks ago and we had to pull our "life guard" cord to get help.  The nurses who came found that she had a rather high fever, so the Westminster Fire Station ambulance took her to Carroll Hospital Center.  They couldn't find anything wrong with her in the Emergency Room, so they had her committed to the regular hospital.

After a week of tests (580 cat scans; 200 exrays; 3,000 pokes and prods by nurses, doctors and technicians..... ok I exaggerate a little...  they gave up and sent her home.   Another mystery case that could probably only be solved by Dr. House, but he was busy I guess.

However, since she had a lot of tests, she now knows that she doesn't have cancer, pneumonia, aneurisms, sinus blockages, and a lot of other ailments.   So, even though we will probably never know what caused her fever, she certainly got some good diagnostics on her overall condition.

Joe:  My breathing problems have gotten much worse.  Elaine has a touch of breathing problems too.  We are both going to a Doctor Jacobs in a few days.  My cardiologist thinks that my fat belly is pushing on my esophoghas and that is probably true.  When I bend down to tie a shoe or pick up something, I lose my breath.  Also, when I walk, I walk slow, otherwise I lose my breath.

Elizabeth:  She did a very nice job of arranging for her ex-husband, Bob Clark's funeral needs, and she will be the executrix of his estate.  Lots of time-consuming activity to take of, considering that her school duties now require plans to be prepared for each of her 200 (?) clients.  But, if anyone can do it, Elizabeth can.

She let me eulogize Bob, and I'm glad that I could say something nice about a guy that I liked.  John Cole wrote a song for Bob and sang it at his funeral.  Very moving.

Diane:  Had the mourners over to the Farmstead house after the funeral service.  Good food and nice remembrances of Bob Clark.

Diane has all of her vegetable planting done.  She also manufactured an Earthbox and has tomato plants growing crazily in that setup.   Also,  John has removed some more shade in the yard so Diane can have a bigger garden.   How can she do all that and also keep up with her EBAY business?

Chris:  Chris is having a good time back at SSA.  He and Kathleen just got rid of one of their cars and now Kathleen is planning to buy a BMW.

Chris and his writing buddies have published a book.  Chris gave me a copy.   It is a compilation of stories.  Chris has the first and last positions.. two stories.    So far I have read and reread the first one, which has a twist.  Nice writing.

My Kids!

What did I ever do to deserve my three accomplished children?   I love them and enjoy seeing them make their determined way in the world.  Their mother would be so proud of them.  (And the grandchildren and great  grandson too!)